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On Sundays during the summer period we are operating a reduced Sunday menu
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Welcome to The Breeze Restaurant

The Breeze Restaurant and Bar is set within the peaceful surroundings of Island Harbour Marina, one of the Solent’s best-kept secrets.
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We are just two miles south of Cowes and a mile away from Newport

Heated Patio Seating | Outdoor Play Area | Private Function Room

Unique restaurant set within the picturesque Island Harbour Marina

Set in the heart of the picturesque Island Harbour Marina, The Breeze Restaurant and Bar is an authentic award-winning destination.

The restaurant has been proudly ranked as the Best family restaurant in Isle of Wight 2021. It features indoor as well as outdoor service, with ample and free parking lots. The indoor area hosts 170 indoor seats, and the venue's outdoor area has been enlarged and refurbished to cater for over 250 people in a heated atmosphere, which has led Breeze to be additionally awarded as the Best Outdoor Seating in the local area in May 2021.

This unparalleled venue invites guests to embark on extraordinary gastronomic journeys with amazing premium service, and to relax to the rhythm of an inimitable atmosphere. Whether it is a family occasion or a casual friends' reunion, Breeze is suitable for all events, including weddings, birthdays, or any bespoke celebration.

Enjoy this unique dining experience and tune in to live entertainment with various music programs all year round.
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